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Perivoli tis Panagias


Thank you for your consideration in supporting the Centre

in Panagia, Lammi!


PANAGIA IN LAMMI and its' development are supported by generous benefactors

who contribute their prayers, gifts, volunteer work and financial support.

If You consider making a financial donation, it's good to know that...

We have an official fundraising permit from the National Police Board. Our permit's number is RA/2019/628 and it is valid from 30.07.2019 until  29.07.2021 in all of Finland excluding the Åland.


It's possible to support The Foundation's work using the "COVID-fundraising" website, "THE GARDEN".


It's also possible to support The Foundation by making donations via bank transfer.


Name of the bank: Hämeenlinnan Seudun OP

Owner of the account (name): Kaikkien Athosvuoren Pyhien Perintösäätiö

IBAN: FI48 5680 0020 3152 85







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