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  • Kristus

    Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us...

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    Most Holy Theotokos, save us...

  • Saints of God, pray for us.

    Saints of God, pray for us...





in the village of Ronni, Lammi, Hämeenlinna,




The postal address of the Foundation of the Heritage of All the Saints of Mount Athos in Lammi of Hämeenlinna is:

Panagian puistotie 39 A

16900 LAMMI



Contact us through e-mail:

info @ athossaatio . fi




Tulkaa minun tyköni...


The village of Ronni (in Lammi) is 40 kilometres from Hämeenlinna, 50 kms from Lahti and 90 kms from Tampere. In this page You will see the driving instructions when arriving to the Foundation from the direction of Lahti. The route goes through the centre of Lammi which is circa 6 kms from the Foundation.



In Panagia...


The main building, "Karyes". There one finds the Orthodox book shop Filokalia, some of the exhibitions and "the Church for Saint Basil the Great". There one can also see beautiful glass mosaic icons which are made by Mrs Kyllikki Susi from Hämeenlinna.

Also a larger church which will hopefully be dedicated to the Annunciation is being built in the former lobby space. There the daily (lay) services and divine Liturgies are being served.

In the trapeza (refectory)-building there is a chapel dedicated to Saint Cosmas of Aetolia, trapeza and auditorium. There one also finds the Cafeteria "Eulogeite!" which is usually open during events (such as concerts) in Panagia. The cafeteria's walls have a painting done by Father Joseph, an Athonite hieromonk living in the Skete of Saint Andrew.




Some pictures of trapezas on Mount Athos can be found here.



There is a cross in the area that has a special history (text mostly in Finnish).


Second hand shop "Puoti" is also in the area.


The Yellow manor house, "Kauppilan kartano", usually houses one the exhibitions.


When arriving from Lahti (route 12)