How to support us?


There are many ways to support us and the development of the Centre in Panagia, Lammi.


You can support us through our Go Fund me-page:


We have an official fundraising permit from the National Police Board. Our permit's number is POL-2015-15818 and it is valid from 10.5.2016 until 9.5.2018 in all of Finland excluding the Åland.


It's possible to support The Foundation of the Heritage of All the Saints of Mount Athos by making donations via bank. You can support us also by buying art and the products shown in this page.


If You want to support us through a bank account:


Name of the bank: Hämeenlinnan Seudun OP

IBAN: FI48 5680 0020 3152 85





Name of the bank: Nordea

IBAN: FI48 1040 3000 3512 17




For more information:





You can support us by buying the art work of the famous artist, Marjatta Tapiola





Linden Flower Tea


Linden flowers are collected from the area of the Athos-Foundation.

Sold in 20-grams packs.

Price: 3,50 euros (+postal)





The Sober Fathers of the 20th and 21st Centuries




This collection of 20 copies of watercolour paintings by Father Joseph, a Finnish monk living in the Holy Mountain, contains pictures of the Athonite Elders and landscapes. The texts in the pictures are in Greek. It was published by the Athonite Skete of Saint Andrew which belongs to the Holy Monastery of Vatopedi. PRICE: 30,00 euros (+postal)



A prayer rope, the tears of the Theotokos



A prayer rope with 33 knots from the Hut of Father Patapios in Vigla, which is situated in the South end of the Holy Mountain. The prayer rope is made from the seeds of a plant called in the Holy Mountain "The tears of the Theotokos". Elsewhere the plant is known by the name of  Coix Lacryma. PRICE: 30,00 euros (+postal)



THE BOOKS (mostly in Finnish language)



Orders via e-mail: info[at]

or phone: +350 590 1549










See also: The Orthodox book shop, Filokalia.